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Our philosophy is to offer special holidays tailored to your personal requirements. We do not believe one size fits all thing, there is always going to be times when you are after something a little more, bespoke. A tailored experience, something designed just for you.

With focus on personalised service and bespoke itineraries, we meticulously arrange your trip to Indonesia based on your unique interests, ideal travel pace, accommodation preferences and personal travel style. We use our expert knowledge to seek out the best that the country has to offer - the best places to stay, the best experiences, the best routes, and we take away the hard work by arranging it all for you. So sit and relax, as we help you to experience this amazing country to the fullest!

Below is a selection of some of our favourite itineraries and we hope the samples below will inspire a sense of adventure and serve as a springboard for future discussion. Once we hear more about what you’d love to do, we can get straight to work designing your special charter.


Life Enhancing Moments.

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