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9 Days 8 Nights

There are however certain constants on every cruise which are:

•   Three times dives/day of minimum 1 hour duration

•   One sunset/night dive (unless we have to cover a serious amount of miles over night)

•   Activities during the surface intervals such as:

-    scenic rides through lagoons and coves in our tenders

-    trekking to breathtaking view points

-    visits of secluded perfect beaches

-    excursions to traditional villages

-    Nature Exploration

-    water action such as wake boarding and kayak



Based upon that, here is a potential itinerary for an 8 nights / 9 days cruise. This is just to give you a general idea and is subject to change due to weather- and other conditions. Popular dive sites are named. We do however have our secret spots as well, which you will learn about during the cruise.

Planning Travels

Day 1: Embarkation

Arrival with plane to Labuan Bajo. You will be picked up by crew members at the airport. Embarkation in the port of Labuan Bajo. A general orientation follows.

Day 2: Komodo Central & Rinca

After an initial general dive briefing, we will do our check dive with  you at an easy and protected dive site. Check dive in the sense of you checking your gear and weights, making sure the camera housings are proper sealed and our guides checking your buoyancy. No skill demonstrations are required. Dive site: ‘Sebayor Kecil’.

Over the day we are heading south through the National Park and look into doing an easy drift dive over an impeccable reef, like ‘Tatawa Besar’. To cap this first day of diving we offer a night dive at Wai Nilu, which ranks within the Top 5 favorite night dive spots allover Indonesia of our Cruise Director.

Rinca Trekking.jpg

Day 3: Rinca Trekking, then heading for Nusa Kode

Trekking with Komodo dragons in the morning before it gets too hot in the sun. Expect to be eye-in-eye with the last dragons on this planet. A must when coming here. Local rangers take care of our safety.

After this adventure, we will be heading to the south of Rinca, also known as Nusa Kode or Horseshoe Bay. Some of the lushest diving Komodo National Park has to offer. During the months of May until October however, the waters are quite cold (down to 23°C) and the visibility is rather poor.  You will be,  however,  rewarded with critters galore:  Ambon Scorpionfish,   Rhinopias,   Frogfish,   Wonderpus, and Coconut Octopus paired with an overwhelming growth of soft and hard coral on the reefs. A very common sight at the beach are Komodo Dragons, Deer, Wild Boar, and up in the trees you might spot a sea eagle.

Day 4: Nusa Kode

We offer three more day dives in the Horseshoe Bay. Some of our favourite dive sites here include: ‘Cannibal Rock’, ‘The Yellow Wall of Texas’, ‘Devil’s Corner’ and ‘Torpedo Alley’.

In the afternoon we will leave this truly spectacular place and head back up north. For a night dive we will pull into the island of Pantar. Starry Night Octopus, Frogfish, rare Nudibranchs - this dive site never disappoints.


Day 5 & 6: Komodo Central

Working our way back up north, we’ve got a few secret spots to offer or we may go instead for some of the popular highlights if the conditions allow us to do so. Potential dive sites for the day: ‘Batu Bolong’, ‘Manta Point’, ‘Golden Passage’.

Day 7 & 8: Komodo - The North

We arrive in the morning in the northern part of the famous Komodo  National Park. And straight away hit the signature dive sites ‘Crystal Rock’ and ‘Castle Rock’. Sharks, Jacks, Fish Soup. Action fuelled by current. In the afternoon and at night two more world-class dives at a famous site like ‘The Golden Passage’, ‘The Cauldron’ or ‘Lighthouse’. Komodo National Park diving at it’s best.


Day 9: Disembarkation in Labuan Bajo

Depending on your flight schedule, our crew will check your luggage in for you in advance so you can rest on board and let us shuttle you to the airport when your plane is ready to leave.



Life Enhancing Moments.

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